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tion.That sprawling district in the Eastern Ghouta countryside was retaken by the army after the rebels' evacuation last m


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g in food to the people in that area, ▓which was the most important bastion o▓f the Islam Army rebels in Eastern Ghouta.Burn

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t and destroyed cars were also left on the sidewalks in some of the streets there, reflecting the

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damage that has befallen large areas there as a result of the war that has dragged on for six years

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in Eastern Ghouta.Old and young men, as well as children, were riding bicycles and the people there se

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emed to have overcome the problem of no regular transportation.Bilal Delawa was riding his bicycle with

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his friend sitting behind him. He said those bicycles h▓ave been important for the people there with th

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e high price▓ of the fuel during the rebels' time."Most people ▓have opted to ride bicycles and it has b

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ec▓ome the main transportation here in Douma because the f▓uel was expensive but of course, we favor cars or motor▓cycles o

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r buses," he said.Another bi▓ker Omar al-Ruz said even though the bik▓es were an acceptable alternative during the war, but they were not enough especially for workers w▓ho move heavy stuff from one place to another."The

bicycle wasn't enough of a trans▓portation to meet our demands ... for example, I▓ can't transport goods of 100 kg on this bicycle, maybe 50 kg max," he said.For his part, Bashar Ajweh, another resident of Douma, said that sever▓al places for fixing bicycles were ope

ned in Douma during the war, adding that maintenance workers used ▓to charge very high fees for fixing ▓the bicycles, whose prices have jumped 10 folds during the war.He

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ing both the electric bicycle and the regular one."Bicycles hav▓e not only become the main transportat▓ion for regular peo

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  • The study, published in The Journal
  • of Pediatrics, looking at 72,845▓
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ering Douma at prices supported by the government, contrary to the rebel times when the militants used to stockpile food i

cal Science Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem."He is now fighting for his life. The question is how far his supporters will stay w?/blockquote>
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out the importance of exercise. Adding lanes for bicycles, pedestrian crossings and other changes to promote walking and biking to and from school
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